Do the Data Visualization Tests or skip?

Hi, the data visualization lessons are not ready yet by FCC. Should I skip to back end stuff for now, or just do the data visualization projects without doing the lessons?

It’s up to you. Some people have been waiting for the challenges (currently in beta) and others have used other resources. The official documentation is pretty good I hear.

Before you ask: the Data Visualization challenges will be optional when they are added to the live site. Only projects are required.

you will meet some sort of data viz challenges on backend anyway. As I remeber - voting app - you need somehow display votes number for each option. Also the stock market data app - you also need to provide a graph or chart.

You can always use to continue on with the next section. Remember it’s beta so some things might not work properly. I highly suggest it, with their new sections. Especially ES6 part.

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