Do universities care more about Javascript or python

Hi, I’m trying to create a personal projects for university applications, which got me thinking to whether universities are more inclined towards a certain programming language.

Any thoughts?

University admissions committees aren’t going to care which language you know best. To be honest, it’s unlikely that anyone involved in reviewing your application will know the difference.


Universities wont care much, if at all about which programming languages you know or learned. They’d care much more about other factors, like your test scores, and academic history, or even your volunteer work in the past.

If anything, if you show you have some promise through your own projects (regardless of how they were built), especially if it has some academic or research purpose it might possibly help you.

Keep in mind most universities are still a business. One way they earn money is through research grants. If you look like the sort of person who can do research, or would like to do research for them, then you’d stand out. Even though research is an upper-grad task, a university might try to enroll you to help with existing research, or keep you on to have you do more research later.

So if your going to do a project, try to make it as academic, scientific and professional as possible, in relation to the major your trying to apply for. That might be the only kind of project(s) that a university would notice, and take note of. Otherwise it all falls back on your previous academics.


What would be an example of an academic/scientific project?

simulations or data analysis are two things that come to mind. It really depends on what field you are applying programming to

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Thank you all for the response, I might need to brush up before making any big projects

At universities, during admission, no one will care what language you know best.

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