Do we have to use CodePen? Are there alternatives?

Hi all, just wondering if we have to continue using CodePen for long and if FCC actually transitions us off to using tools like Sublime in the future for more complicated projects.

Have any of you gotten around to Google Developer tools, Sublime, Git, etc. Other tools that may be more required to use in a work setting that codepen?


It’s never too early to learn basic git, and you get to use github pages which work better than Codepen imo since you don’t have to kind of hack in images.

I think Codepen’s the recommendation for front end projects on FCC because it’s simple and will work consistently for everyone without install ect. I never really used it myself it seems more awkward than a text-editor with local files. Text Editor / Terminal / Browser, that’s they way to go.

Alright, I can see why it would be undertandable to use codepen since it is just front end material. Does that imply that once React and Mongo get thrown in the equation that we’ll eventually jump on over to and IDE or some other place to work on our projects?

Yeah I think they recommend for that. It gives you a text editor, a terminal and a browser :D.

You’re free to use whatever text editor/IDE and copy/paste to Codepen. I use Sublime almost every single time I use Codepen or any other online editor, and save a local copy of everything. The only issue is that with Codepen you’re supposed to take certain things out of the HTML and put them into the Codepen’s settings, but that usually doesn’t even make a noticeable difference anyway (in my experience).

Hi guys, i have a problem with codepen. I’ve just finished my Simon game web app but it looks ugly on it (likely issues with CSS)!

I used Webstorm to built it and It was perfect.

Any clues?

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You can use whatever platform you like to post your projects on freecodecamp as long as the code is viewable somewhere. Personally i use github pages to post my projects.


You are so awesome for this. THANK you!

I didn’t want to create a new thread for my question about CodePen, so I will ask here if its not a problem.
You seem to be very experienced in using CodePen, and I am an absolute begginer, with just a few barelly put together pages.
My question is, does a CodePen mess up your code or something sometimes ? I am coding a page and it seems to work just fine, I save it, close it, come back after a few hours or the next day, and open up that saved project and its messed up a little bit. Like some moved down or left-right a bit, or navbar that worked fine is missing a background-color or something ?
Sry for comming in with my noob question, but I thing its better than starting a new thread.

Im consistently have this same issue of projects working locally with webstorm but not with codepen. Anyone figure this out yet? In codepen im adding babel as a dependency but no joy. Not sure what to do. I mostly would like to understand the problem. Im sure there is something to learn there.

You motivated me to go over to Github and learn about it. Thank you for sharing.

Well, Google anything tools are not accessible in China without a VPN, which reduces the connection speed.

I’ve used free downloaded tools such as Brackets, NetBeans and Bluefish. Brackets has a nice live preview feature, but you must have Google Chrome to use it. I prefer local applications to could apps, as I know that what’s on my PC is not at the mercy of an underfunded organisation that pulls the plug, or an organisational takeover and subsequent privacy policy changes, changes in terms and conditions and introduction of charges that weren’t there before. Always free does not mean free (of charge) forever.

I’ve probably gone a bit wayward, but I think what I’ve written is related to the topic of alternative tools.

I love GitHub pages! All you have to remember is to have a branch named “gh-pages”, and you’re cooking with gas!

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