Do yall think I can make it?

Hi, so I have been going to a programming program at University. Where they have taught us little about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and now a little bit of SQL. The thing is I never understand what the teacher are saying, so I have been going with the flow and not studied as I should. Soon we will be in group projects where you as an individual need to know at least a little bit of the things I said above. I’m kinda stress and I know it’s all my fault and I don’t wanna be a burden to my future group. So I have decided to learn all these things in 2-3 weeks. Do y’all think it is impossible or that I can make it?

Its possible depending on 3 things:

  1. How much your expected to know about HTML, CSS, JS, Python and SQL.
  2. How much you already know
  3. How hard to work in 2-3 weeks.

Lets say your expected to know the bare bones basics of all three, and you already know some of the basics. Its very possible.

On the flip side lets say you need to be able to build a full-stack app from the ground up in 1 month using all those technologies, and you only know the basics. It would be very difficult but not impossible, but you’d need to work stupid hard to catch up.

I personally suggest finding out how much you need to know compared to what you do know, and you should have a good gauge at if you will be able to know that much. There is a difference between knowing all that stuff and just knowing what you need to know.

Think of it as knowing which chapters are on the test, compared to not even having the book haha. In both cases you need to study, but only the first situation you can roughly gauge how much you need.



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I think, based on the description you’ve given, the course isn’t expecting you to be fully self-sufficient; it sounds like everyone in the course is a beginner. Not understanding everything is natural when you’ve just started, and the nice thing about coding is that there are plenty of free resources online to help you learn.

Learning the basics of these languages, such as syntax and the like, is more than possible in 2-3 weeks, but I also wouldn’t worry too much about being a burden; everyone in your group most likely has an area of these studies they’re weak at or don’t understand. The most important thing is to use this opportunity to learn a skill you’re interested in, and to have fun while learning.

Good luck!