Do you document/journal while creating your projects?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there were people that document or journal while creating projects. If so, what do you use to document or journal? Digital or hand written? How do you organize it?

When I learned Notion I liked how I could create a database of projects and when a project was clicked there would be a list of project features and entries of the days I worked on the project with what I did that day or what issues I ran into. Along with the answers to my issues. Now though I’m second guessing using Notion as it has been hard to get into contact with their customer service team.

I always liked planners and notebooks but they can take up space. Digital is nice because it doesn’t take up space but I’m afraid of losing access to an account or stuff somehow gets deleted I don’t know. Maybe a word doc or pages and save on a flash drive?

Anyway, I’m curious to hear what others have tried or are currently doing. Do you have a certain way you like to organize things?

Thanks :slight_smile: