Do you ever feel discouraged?

Sometimes I feel like some projects I create look ugly… but then I figure I am just being hard on myself.:thinking:

What types of posts are you submitting?
Are you asking a question that has already been answered?
Do you respond to someone else’s post?

You’ve only written three posts…one you got a reply, the other 3 minutes ago, and this is your third.


ETA: And now you’ve edited your post to something completely different to make the replies you got look like they don’t make any sense. Kind of a frustrating thing to do.

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Did you change the message?

Ok, did you request feedback on your “ugly” project? If so, did you follow the responses to see if they may be correct? If so, say “Thank you” and show us an update.

Remember that many of us are online only as time allows us. So, as @cndragn said " Patience ".
You’ll find that comes in handy for any open source or remote situation you are in too.

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I was trying to delete the post about no replies…cant figure out how to do that…so the only option was to edit it to the post about feeling discouraged.

All of the websites I made in my first year or so were pretty horrid looking. You dont have to be a good designer to be a good programmer (two completely different things even) but, the more you practice, the more you’ll get an eye for what works and what doesnt. Study sites that you do like, read up on good design practices, keep creating and practicing, and you’ll start developing the skills to design a good looking site.


Thanks, great to know I am not alone.

Totally agree. I chose a theme and kept it in most of my projects, but some I have seen are so creative that it’s amazing.

If you don’t think your project is as pretty as you like, decide what you want it to look like and design your styles around that.


All the time actually. Imposter syndrome is a killer and it’s easy to feel like a nobody when you look at the skill set and portfolios of seasoned developers/programmers.

Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at everything as a whole though. You can get to the skill level of anyone you admire. The only thing holding you back is effort and willpower.

I’ve found that the best way to keep myself from being discouraged is to try and include code in my life as much as possible. I code about an hourish a day while my wife watches our infant. I listen to podcasts on the way to and from work. I participate in these forums, and I use the grasshopper app when I’m out and about.

These are personal decisions but the point stands. Make your life centered around coding, make it a lifestyle!

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Good answer!
I have dabbled with webpage design for more than 20 years and always resisted getting more than a toe wet because I am not artistic and I dislike having to make a lot of aesthetic choices. My progress on the Responsive Web Design Certification has been slower than a tortoise but I am now only two projects from finishing it. Then I got a look at someone’s Trombone product landing page that had a problem I was experiencing (and which exists in the example product landing page) and there is just no comparing my old jalopy of a webpage to a shiny super car webpage. So I am discouraged wondering what I am doing but I do have a goal to use my web skills and programming skills to build some programs with the limited hardware I have available to me at the present time. Thanks for the encouraging words!