Do you guys develop your FCC projects from scratch?

I mean, a developer doesn’t need to make everything from scratch and I bet most developers out there don’t do this. I just finished my Quote Machine and I took 5 hours to finish it. I just went to google and searched for what I needed like “show random text in javascript”, “change page background color randomly”, etc. The only function I actually wrote completely by myself was one that changes the text color to black if the page background is white. Of course I had to adapt the code I found on google to suits my needs. But my point is, should I waste my time, taking 3x more time to create something if I can just find a lot of codes out there I can use?

i did mine from scratch , no copy-paste involved except copy a few line in stackoverflow when i got stuck and had to google it. you should too. the point the the whole fcc course is you do it by your self. not copy-paste. i don’t know what the others think but i think you should do like me tho.

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For the build projects on the front end, yes I did. There were a few spots where I cut and pasted a few lines to do some specific thing - but I always made sure I understood it and usually had to change a few things.

For later projects like the backend stuff, it’s not uncommon to use a boilerplate template like express-generator. For React, it’s common to use something like create-react-app. These just create the basic framework off of which to build. I think they even recommend clementine, basically doing the same thing.

But I didn’t need them for the tiny projects on the front end. I’d avoid that - you need to learn how to put the basics together.

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