Do you know any remote job as a developer?

I am in 3rd year(final year) of the university, a student who is in a really bad shortage of money. I just wondered if you know where I can find a remote job or freelance jobs in order to make a little bit of side money and pay my fees. Also, I don’t have an experience, only two certificates that I got from FCC. So, can you suggest me something?


There are several free launcher sites but personally I would recommend to set up a Linkedin account and try applying everywhere.

Js (as well as Java and python) is in demand so you won’t find it at all difficult to get a job rather quickly! :sunny:

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Thanks man! Totally forgot about LinkedIn.

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I used to put up advertisements on community notice boards around my city, most supermarkets in my area had notice boards.

I’d normally write something like:

Professional/Personal/Business Website Development
From $xxxx
Contact phone or email

If you get any bites then try set up a face-to-face meeting ASAP, take a pen&pad to write down all the requirements they have for their website.
Also ask them to send examples of websites they like the design/look of.

Then simply build a website that satisfies all their requirements with the design of one of the websites they sent you.

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