Do you like working on web-dev or you do it only for the money?

It’s purely technical and not like CS at all, a field which has so many fascinating topics.

I disagree that web dev is “purely technical”. There are many interesting topics with which you have to deal in web dev. I’m not knocking someone that prefers CS, but there are reasons to love both.

I guess fascination is a very subjective matter, and thus each individuals has its own preference.

However if you think web dev doesn’t have it’s challenges, well, think about how Netflix reliability works, or how Amazon handles database transactions… or how Discord handle millions of concurrent active live chats…or…
there are so many topics to choose from :slight_smile:

I have no idea what you mean by “It’s purely technical and not like CS at all”.

I do enjoy web development, but it’s a job and I wouldn’t be here if they didn’t pay me.

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I don’t find ‘purity’ discussions particularly useful or interesting. I realize that some bloggers think its trendy to look down upon anyone for their job, especially web development jobs, but putting another person down based upon ‘purity’ says more about the character of those bloggers than it does the importance or value of web development. Web development requires just as much skill and intelligence as any other sort of development.

Your title and your post content don’t seem to have anything to do with each other.

Post Title: Everyone does jobs to receive money. That is how you purchase food and shelter so that you can survive unless you have someone else providing that food and shelter for you. It’s perfectly normal to be doing your job to receive money.

Post Content: I don’t know what ‘purely technical’ means. Web development requires principals from Computer Science just as much as any other type of development. Computer Science is “a branch of science that deals with the theory of computation or the design of computers”, so if you want to use the definition, it is highly unlikely that you will ever do Computer Science unless you get a PhD and sit in an ivory tower doing research.


Web development is a great skill to have. Can’t say I like programming in text and code, but the development process having a goal and setting steps out to reach that goal is fun and satisfying. And many times at work things you think are simple end being challenging. And things you think are impossible are doable. I can remember implementing elastic search to search a mongodb database for patient names and searching patient notes. Also creating a button to find previous patient history for a given field on a form say weight bp etc. I used to work for a medical information company.

That said I have much fun learning web development. And working on projects related to my own interests, and if you have the determination you could probably make your niche interest a website or web app. A short-term (or longterm money earner).

CS is more related to mathmatics. And practically I’m not sure if CS students even use devop tools like docker though might be able to explain the technical details of load balancers and binary trees.