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Hey codeCampers, happy to be here! Would you mind helping me out with an industry question I have?

What are some of the core painful problems you deal with that make it difficult to reach your goal of learning to code and becoming a web developer/software engineer?

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I’m not sure I understand exactly what you mean, but I’ll try to answer.

Learning Javascript is probably my biggest set back. It’s so boring and colorless.

If I could just learn it well, I would have a good foundation towards reaching my goal of a $200, 000 worth Front End Dev. But I struggle so much.


Not having enough time.

There’s always enough resources, lessons, tutorials, guides, docs, and communities to learn what you want. You can always have the drive to continue learning, even when the going gets rough. However, everyone has limited time to put their plan in practice.

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Time, or the lack of it, to be precise. I know, when you want it, you will make it, but…
Having family with little kids, finishing college and learning web dev is not easy. I had to slow down with web dev to focus on my studies. Now, there is such a rush on my current job (System/network admin) that i lack time for myself…:slight_smile:

Well, the fact that in my country (I’m from Poland) I will earn 3 times less than the same specialist in the US. Really, look in this article, you can see a huge difference in sums. Having good professional skills is not enough. Probably, I should graduate from my university and move somewhere.

Btw, how difficult it is to find a job in an american IT company? Any tips?

there are a lot of platforms tutorials, guides, docs, and communities to learn what you want

Thanks for sharing your struggle @codeofdreams. I can understand why you would think that. I’ve recently landed my first web dev job after thoroughly learning javascript and it is very important.

What is it about javascript that you think is boring? And what do you mean by colorless?

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Time is definitely a limiting factor. How much time per week would you like to devote to learning web dev and what’s keeping you from putting in that amount of time?

Yeah I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to find time with a family! How many hours are you able to put in per week and how many would you like to be able to put in?

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It was very difficult to get my first web dev job and I got kinda lucky. Even in America it can be very difficult to get an entry level position but once you get your first job, its way easier to get new jobs after that

It is boring because I can not see changes as I work. I like to see my work full of color and life. I love CSS because as I’m going, I see my web page come to life and look beautiful and start moving on a few small easy commands. I feel like I’m making flowers bloom.

But when I do JS, I can only see it as an old silent black and white movie that is so easy to get tired of.

Although, I also just don’t understand it yet which probably makes it harder to enjoy. I might like it better once I knock it through my thick head.

Maybe 1 hour on a daily basis, which is extremely low. I aim for 3-4 hours.