Do you need to have a database for a static blog in Flask?

I am thinking of making a static blog with flask and I need a blog page containing recent posts and search function, will I need a database for this? or is this doable with Flask without querying a database?

Sorry I am still quite a new programmer btw. I find flask to be easier to work with than django.

You don’t need a database, the filesystem should do just fine. Just store your blog posts in files in, say, markdown format and convert them on the fly. You might also be interested in a static site generator like Hyde that will generate your blog ahead of time so you won’t even need Flask to serve it, just a regular webserver of any sort will do.

Thanks! I had a check on Hyde, is it no longer maintained?

Perhaps not. I looked up “static blog generator python” just in case you wanted to hack on it. Jekyll is definitely maintained though, it’s what Github pages uses.