Do you need to have completed the Basic JavaScript course to use

Hello everyone! I have a question about I am about 70% complete with the basic JavaScript course. Anyway, I want to practice more about the things I’ve learned in the Basic JavaScript course, so I can become more comfortable with . I have heard of and am on the website right now. But do you have to have completed the Basic JS course in order to use it? The “easy” exercises on, kind of looks like topics I haven’t learned yet. I heard people say that you can search for use this website to get more practice on your topics, but even the beginner exercises look out of my league…

Like I’m not sure what an “integer” or “reverse string” is in JavaScript yet, so my question is where do you have to be in JavaScript on FreeCodeCamp, to benefit on

You don’t need any course. Just go and do what you want. If you want to do CW, go for it. (But I prefer leetcode dot com). If they’re “out of your league” then don’t do it.

Like I’m not sure what an “integer” or “reverse string” is in JavaScript yet

An integer is a whole number (no fraction or decimal). In some computer languages there is a distinction between integers and floating point numbers (ones with decimals), and many subdivide even further. But in JS, there is just the “number” type that has all of them.

Reversing a string is just doing it backwards. If you start with “Howdy!”, you end up with “!ydwoH”.

If you feel ready for the challenges, then go for it. If you don’t then don’t worry about it. If you try and fail, don’t worry about it - you can try again later. Or maybe you use them as guide for concepts you need to learn, to supplement what you’re learning.

Don’t worry about it so much.


Good advice from @kevinSmith, everyone learns differently, there is no harm in trying out different types of learning to see what works best for you.

I do think it is a good idea to learn the basics of JS first though or you might find yourself getting frustrated early on (especially if you have no experience with any other languages). I still think one of the best ways is good old-fashioned book learning. If you have access to a good library I am sure it has at least a few intro books on JS. Or if you have the means it is well worth the investment to buy a book (Amazon has a ton of good ones).

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Oh wait, i figured it out!

well i took a break on intermediate algorithms and did a few code wars challenges and it helped me alot on javascript . when i returned to the intermediate algorithms curriculum i was able to do all the challenges withgout looking at the solutions .

so i would recommend it. but its like kevin smith said. give it a try and if it to difficult then dont do it.

Thanks for sharing this! It’s an interesting alternative approach.

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