Do you need to know JS to learn Python

Hello, fellow campers,

Do I need to know Js to learn about Python?

they are different programming languages, and the only thing they have in common is being programming languages.

You can learn them indipendently.

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Thanks @ilenia For your quick answer.

Learning only in fCC is fine to become an expert in python or I have to take any other courses?
If fCC is fine, then how many certifications?

Do you need to know Spanish to learn English? I don’t think so, they are only languages…
But learning a language may make it easier to learn a new language, for example: Spanish contains words that are similar to English and vice versa…

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Thanks @bedward!

Can you answer this question

I absolutely agree with @bedward but except for one thing. programing language is much easer than English or Spanish(natural languages). for example, there are less than 100 words in programing languages. do your best, codely. you can learn any programing languages with out experience.

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no, freeCodeCamp can’t make you an expert in anything. It can give you the basics tho.

To be an expert you need a lot more work than just freeCodeCamp.

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any courses are recommended?
To become an expert.

no course recommended, build and learn, learn and build, contribute to open source, start earning money, practice… at one point you will
know some more than now, and someone may consider you an expert

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not to get into this but you would also need experience

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Sorry, i can’t understand.

What i said or @ilenia said

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a course is not enough to make you an expert, experience makes you an expert


They say: “Practice Makes Perfect” PMP

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Can you explain this? please :blush:

Open Source software is software where anyone can use, study or change the software.

For example, freecodecamp is open source. If you go to their github you can see all of their code for the lessons as well as the new project curriculum that is under development.

On github you have the ability to create issues or even add new features to a project. If you find typos, or the language isn’t clear, or if you think your new feature would benefit the project you can suggest making those changes to the owners of the project.

Open source is very important for self taught developers because it is a great way to show employers that you are active in the community and you know how to collaborate on a project.

If you want to know the steps for contributing to open source you could watch this FCC video.


Thank you very much for your reply, it was helpful :grin: