Do you refer any other site for learning Web development (advanced )

Hey Em actually thinking of referring some other site for learning more about HTML CSS and jQuery. So please tell me what are some good sites for further learning of Web development?
Thank you


One I have been using as provided by @P1xt (and others i’m sure) is the net ninja.

I’m not sure if he’s advanced enough for you.

CSS tricks is also pretty good for reference.

I was also going to link to Shay Howe too but his site appears to be dead for the last few days.

EDIT… shay howe now appears to be up between writing my link and checking again!

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Thank you @MARKJ78 :smile:

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Shay Howe is working fine
Now its server is UP

yeh i just noticed that.

How did you check his server?

Apart from the page not working :smiley:

I just checked that using This site (I’m not advertising this site :confused: )

ah i see… maybe you pinged him back to life… maybe he left wake on LAN turned on :smiley:

damn this forum software requires minimum of 20 character to send the text :jack_o_lantern:

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