Do you think Angular is still a good choice for now and the future?

I am really getting comfortable with using Angular and I like it a lot. I use Angular at my workplace to build Ionic apps, so I have really been exposed to it for around 5 months now.

What do you think the future for Angular is? Do you think it is still bright?

I think if the React vs. Angular as like a Coke vs. Pepsi argument. Coke is a little more popular, but Pepsi is popular with a good following. (Vue is like RC Cola.)

As a React developer, I like React better. And it has gained ground on Angular and slightly overtaken Angular in recent years. That being said, Angular is still very popular and there there will be a lot of Angular jobs for years to come. If you like it and especially if you are getting paid to use it, then by all means, become the best Angular developer you can. The odds of it going out of popularity in your lifetime are about nil. Even if you did, the skills you learned there would help you learn anything else.

I’m sure you can find a lot of discussions on-line about it, like this one.


Since I’m a full time Angular developer, I’m going to go with “yes”. :smiley:
The next time I change jobs, I might end up in a different framework (or even language), and that’s fine. Getting really good at something sets you up to get good at something similar fairly quickly.