Do you think Jar Jar Binks deserves a tribute page? Check mine!

Hey guys!

Please review my tribute page about Jar Jar Binks. English is not my main language so I didn’t focus on the actual content but I hope you enjoy it nontheless. Please send me your feedback!

I could have used JS to start the animation when page (the background image) finishes loading but I wanted to use only HTML and CSS as instructed, so I had to force a timer.

Please note that the proyector is made with CSS. :nerd_face:

Jar Jar Binks Tribute Page

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Way to get creative and do it without JS! Your English is great! I’d probably hide the scrollbar to make it look cleaner, or some padding so the text isn’t right up to the end of the container. But it looks awesome. :slight_smile:

If you make a tribute page for him, he deserves it for sure!

I really like the holographic thing you added. It’s a really creative design.

The blue link at the bottom of the page when you scroll down is a little hard to see. Change its color.

Although the background looks really nice, it takes a long time to load.

Great job on your first project!

:smiley: :clap: