Do you think Linode could be a good fit for my Magento 2 store

I have migrated my site from Magento 1 to 2. Currently I’m using SiteGround and now I want to change my hosting provider. Do you think Linode could be a good fit for my Magento 2 store?

Linode is a medium range cloud hosting provider just like DigitalOcean and Vultr which provides simple, robust and reliable infrastructure for the web applications. With the stability on board, launching a complex ecommerce application like Magento on Linode requires a deep understanding of server administration. So, first of all, look at the following guide setup and configure Linode server:

Getting Started with Linode

As I said, to do this all, you will need a high-level expertise in system administration and Linux based server management. Otherwise, you will end up with spending a lot of time and efforts with no results.

That’s why I would prefer you to use Cloudways which makes much more comfortable for developers and store owners to host their Magento stores on Linode. Cloudways is the most convenient cloud hosting platform which now allows you to launch and setup Linode servers on in just a few clicks and within minutes. Please check this guide for more information:

Host Your Magento Store On Linode Server Via Cloudways

Once your Linode server is deployed, you can easily migrate your Magento store from SiteGround to Linode.