Do you think that's comments are difficult to view?

Hello Everyone,

Recently I’ve started reading more posts on and I can’t help but be aggravated by how much work they make you do just to read the comments.

First you have to click show comments, then to view the response to a comment you have to click “responses,” which takes you to a new page. Then when hit back you have to start at the top of the comments and you have to scroll through again.

I’m so used to the way disqus does comments (if you want an example see any androidPolice article’s comemnts. that this seems like too much work.

Does anyone else feel this way?

Perhaps we could make a Chrome/FireFox extension to make the comments autoload and the responses load on the same page instead of going to a new tab?

Medium’s comment and login system aggravates me so much. I’ve ended up just reading posts as an unauthenticated user, because I don’t want to spend 5 minutes login in just to like a post, and the spend another 5 minutes to reply to 3 comments.


Yeah it’s quite annoying but I want to login so I’m able to show support for the authors who are spending their time to write the articles.
What do you think they could do to improve it? I already use Google Sign in so signing in isn’t as much of an issue for me.

I couldn’t help but imagine what someone from the past would think if they heard us complain about having to click a button and calling it “work”.

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