Do you think the tech field can ever become saturated?

The rate at which people are learning programming, most especially - web development is very increasing rapidly. Sometimes I sit back and look, I was wondering what will be the fate of developers; especially new coders within the next decades. Who else has ever think about this?

@passive I wouldn’t worry about that what I think you should consider is how to stand out. Practice practice practice :ok_hand:.

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The “tech field” is extremely broad, ranging from installing and customizing WordPress to game development to machine learning. Some areas are already saturated (like those WordPress jobs) and some have employers desperately searching for people with knowledge in the field (machine learning is up there).

Computer tech is the basis of the information age. It’ll only get as saturated as “working with machines” was in the industrial age.


Yes to a degree, but its not like everyone that learns programming suddenly gets to the same level. I do see more people becoming more proficient at programming in general, but there is always more to learn. Tomorrow there will be more stuff to learn, which is a bane and a boon. Its good because it means those the field expands, its bad because you need to learn something new.

As long you you can adapt to the changing field over time you should be fine. That’s the one defining trait of the tech field, change. :smile:

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Wow!!! Thank you all for your contributions.