Do you use an HTML boilerplate for FCC projects?

Every time I get around to the projects I cant help sighing when I have to make HTML ‘spaces’; from scratch… I also like to create standalone HTML docs for them so I can host them locally to get a different feel of the project compared to the codepen vibe. How do you guys do it? Do you have a boilerplate/template? Do you start from scratch every time? How do the pro’s do it and where do they go for their scaffolding?

Yes, absolutely.

I have a boilerplate consisting of a basic project file structure ( folders for css, js, images ) and an index file in the root. The index.html contains basic header information, and links in the js and css files.

I just rename the project template to the project name and away I go…

I have different boilerplates for different needs:

  • Basic html project: nothing fancy. Barebones HTML structure, commonly used CSS, link to an empty JS file that’s easily removed if I don’t need it.
  • Responsive project: The same just customized for responsive design with an extra media query JS file. (I’m trying to get into the habit of making every design responsive, even FCC projects, which is what’s taking me so long to get them done.)
  • Javascript practice: Absolute barebones (not even a p tag or title or anything), no CSS, and an editable link to whatever JS file I’m working on.

I also host locally which is super easy using the brackets text editor. Just click the lightning symbol and a live preview pops up.

I don’t know how the pro’s streamline the process, but I’d love to find out, too.

I usually just use emmet and/or Bootstrap/Foundation and go from there. Of course i generally try to have an idea of what basic blocks i’m gonna use and things like that

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Why not create your own with all the libraries, js, css, and bootstrap files commented out and only activate what you need. Or you will have to start from scratch everythromycin time.

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Creating your own boilerplate would be much more better that using general one. Because, usually, you just can’t know what exactly you will need in the end. But just for plain html and file structure you can use something available online. But, it’s much better to create your way of file structuring because after some projects you will realize what works for you best.