Do you use Bootstrap v3 or v4?

I want to use the bootstrap version offered by default on, which I believe is v4, but a lot of the features from the bootstrap website don’t work.

For example, the navbar stuff offered on their site only works if I plug in v3.3.5 instead of using their version of bootstrap. However, if I use v3.3.5, the jumbotron fluid stuff on their site won’t work. It’s a very frustrating experience and I can’t seem to figure out which one to use.

Here is my portfolio I’m working on: I’d like to have the jumbotron-fluid class and have a navbar, but it seems like I need to choose one or the other:

Bootstrap version I plug in as an alternative:

Note: when you plug in v3.3.5 it looks like the jumbotron is still there, but it’s just the regular jumbotron class, not the jumbotron-fluid.

For now I’ve stuck to using v3, just to get used to the concept of bootstrap and all the classes. There are a ton of differences between v3 & v4 as they’ve updated / removed / added loads of classes, and as you’ve said, many of the classes in v3 don’t work in v4 which is the default on codepen now.

If you’re half way through FCC I’d maybe stick to v3, and then when you’re comfortable with that, switch to v4. There are already a few articles out there, and on bootstraps own website that list the changes, so you just need to give it a quick read through before adopting.

Also - bootstrap say they’re currently still working on v4 which is in alpha stage, so it’s in a very dynamic state right now. Best sticking to v3 until they’re a bit further along. Not sure why codepen is defaulting to an alpha release.

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