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It took me 3 months to finish it, and not because it was hard but because I was lazy af to write all the text haha. In the end, I decided to switch to lorem ipsum.

If you are on a computer and switch to mobile mode, reload the page.


Wow, that looks awesome. Did you learn to build such a page only from the first HTML & CSS course? Did you practice every day?

Yes, but I mostly learned from SCSS tutorials. One thing that took me quite a bit of time to learn was the positioning of elements, which I learned by trial and error.

I certainly did not practice every day, maybe 4-5 days a week, ~8 hours every day.

Also I learned JavaScript via udemy

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Looks nice man, neat feature at the top

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Hi @UmiKami ,

Very well done buddy.
Dark mode feature is Trendy.

I am also learning Javascript on Codeacademy but find easier to learn here on @freeCodeCamp and here full course is available with problem solving friends available anytime.

Happy Coding !! :100:


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