Documentation page is breaking my head

Hello freeCodeCampers.
It’s me again, the beginner guy.
I’m breaking my head with the documentation page project.

  1. All of the sections have the class “main-section”.

  2. All of the “nav-link” class elements have the same text of the header section.

I don’t know what happens, please help

Hi! Take a look at your section with the id of “top.”

Looking at the results of your test (click on the test results to reveal them) I see that the section you are using as a “jumbotron” is being interpreted by the test as a section in need of a ID with an underscore version of the text between h1 tags.

Once you focus on that particular portion of your code, you’ll be able to fix this in no time! Happy coding!

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Just deleted jumbotron class, still the same error

Hello again!

The error (according to the test) is that you have a with the class “main-class” that does not contain an id matching the underscore pattern.

The section you just edited has the class “main-class” but no underscore ID. I’ve included a possible next step you could take that might bring you closer to passing the tests if you are still confused.

Perhaps you could remove the class “main-class” from that section.

Nice documentation page, by the way. Saludos.

Gracias bro.
Aún me tiene partiéndome la cabeza, no doy con el error

I haven’t been able to solve it, don’t understand what shall I do

@rafael007 I am trying to find what might be causing an error . And I am linking my same project below hope comparing them side by side helps.

Your documentation page works great.
Comparing yours with mine, still can’t find my error :disappointed:

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Hello Rafael,

I see that you are struggling here. I’ve poked around in your code a little more, and just using the error messages from the tests I’ve managed to locate the sticking points.

I don’t want you to get discouraged, but I’d encourage you to start by removing the “main-class” from this code block.

<section id="top" class="main-section sticky-top">
          <h1 class="text-center">Manual de uso de sala de informática</h1>

I think that will start shaking things loose and can help you make more progress cleaning up the rest of the error messages.

If you really feel like you’ve hit a wall I’ve included steps below that will get your code to pass:

  1. if you haven’t already remove the “main-class” code from this code:
<section id="top" class="main-section sticky-top">
          <h1 class="text-center">Manual de uso de sala de informática</h1>
  1. Check the ID’s for the sections “Normas básicas” and “Espacio físico” in your main section. You’re working with accented language marks and the “á” and “í” from those respective ID’s have just “a” and “i”.

  2. You went the extra mile with this page and it shows! However, that extra mile included adding an extra nav element that navigates back to the top. Remove the class “nav-link” from this element.

<a class="nav-link" href="#top">Top</a>

And that’s it! I think that will resolve all the errors and pass the 16 tests. Keep up! These things can take some time and require combing through dense text making it easy to miss some minor things.

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Thank you, I removed that section, you may check it now. But still the same

You’re getting very close. Check your Nav bar now. You’ve got the same issue happening with accented vs unaccented vowels. Make sure the words and id’s match in both sections.

Once you make sure the nav elements match your updates, then you can perform the last step from the spoiler section i posted above to resolve the last error.

BINGO! You’re the master !


Great job sticking with it!!