Documentation project feedback

Hello guys, I’m once again asking for feedback, but there’s only one more project to finish !

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Overall this is very well done. I do have a few suggestions:

  • I would use heading tags inside of the header for each section. Probably make the header in the nav an h1 and then the others an h2. And then the two current h2’s would be h3’s.
  • The lists under “Jenryk features” have some responsiveness issues. As I narrow my browser they run into each other and get out of alignment. I would probably shift them so that one is on top of the other.
  • When you mouseover an item in the nav menu the background color changes no matter where your mouse located on the item but you have to actually click on the link text itself to trigger the link. I would make this so that you can click anywhere on the item to trigger the link. Or don’t trigger the background color change until the mouse is over the link text. Same issue with the links in the footer.
  • Speaking of mouseover, the items in the two lists below “Jenryk features” change to a white background but they don’t do anything. Generally changes like this are used to indicate that an element can be clicked on to do something, so I would just remove this completely.
  • I can just barely see the keyboard focus indicator around the links as I tab through the page. I would suggest you make it more prominent by customizing the CSS outline property on a:focus.

Thank you for the detailed feedback, I will try to solve all of these problems :+1:

Edit: Okay, I tried fixing all the issues:

  • There’s now h1, h2 and h3 inside the header tags
  • Fixed the “Jenryk features” responsiveness, now it becomes a column on smaller screens
  • Now the entire navbar containers are clickable
  • The jenryk features white background bug is now fixed
  • Clickable elements now have a dashed outline when focused

Please tell me if there’s any more problems

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