Documentation Project: Two issues

Hi fellow campers,

Your feedback and help are always welcome.

#Issue #1

On mobile, Max 768px, the transition is not working when I click the menu icon. It is working on larger screen. Why is that? What am I missing?

#Issue #2

When on max768, if I click on the menu on the left, the header main doc jumps a couple of pixels to the left and hides behind the menu. I want to be able to scroll to that position, and when I click on the menu icon, ig goes back with the menu. Just like it does when it’s on larger screen.

I’ll be really happy if you give me yours thoughts on at least one of those issues.

PS: I’m not submitting my project yet. I’m just fixing some issues. I know I still have a lot to be done. We can talk about the enhancement once I fix these issues.

I’m not sure I understand this issue completely. Can you be a little more specific?

For issue 2, you’re setting a width on the wrong element. Currently you’re setting it to 80% on #main-doc. Get rid of that and set the width on the sections.

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I mean, if you shrink the viewport to mobile and click on the menu, you’ll see that it appears automatically without transitioning.