Does anybody else relate to this? (I predict Yes)

I have really noticed as I work on the quote machine that I seem to sometimes have a much easier time with the programming/functionality part than I do with the web design part. I got the quote machine and twittering working much more easily than expected, but I’m still in the process of making the page look good. Is this pretty common?

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it could be that you’re more back end kinda guy.
and u have more mathematical than artistic mind.
which is a good thing.

I am in the same boat as you. Sometimes I spend several hours just to make one part of a page looks good on any screen. I dont know whether it’s due to my lack of expertise with design or I just care too much on how the final thing will look no matter where you are looking at it.

yeah , same here , i can see when something looks good or great but have no good plan how to make it look so :confused: that is why my aim is to make it look not-ugly, boostrap really helps , the result looks boring , but nice.
Used to think that the reason for this is that with code i have more clear end-point, whereas with design it feels like an endless process with myriads of ‘ok’ and ‘great’ versions

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