Does anybody know information on Bootstrap 5 classes?

So, I am using Bootstrap5 to create 2 different nav menus, but I am using some of the SAME classes on these different menus.

Where / How do I get information of the CSS used in a BootStrap Class?

The idea is to copy the CSS inputs from a class, create a new Class name with the same inputs, and then modify some of the inputs so that my new navbar still remains similar, but a little bit different than the main navbar.

I believe this is the official github repo for bootstrap so you should be able to see all of the CSS there.

Instead of completely copying a boostrap class couldn’t you just add your own class to the element and then override any bootstrap CSS?

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Yes, that is what I want to do.

I want to create a new class, but I still want to check the details of the CSS from the previous Class used on my main menu.

For example… where do I get information of the CSS used in .nav-link ?

VSCode has the BootStrap5 files, but I can’t find the CSS information of the exact items I am looking for.

The browser’s dev tools Inspector is one place to find CSS information about an element. Click on an element with the class .nav-link and it will show you all of the CSS being applied for that class.

And you can also get that from the github repo as well.

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I got it from the dev tools… I think this will work.

I can’t find it on the github documents.

There is also tons of info on the doc files of BootStrap5 uploaded in VSCode, but can’t pin point the items I needed.


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