Does anyone else get discouraged reviewing leet code?

Some background, I have a bachelor’s in physics and a myriad of experience in programming from coursework in python to my current job in optical proximity correction but whenever I take a look at interview questions for software I can’t help but get that feeling of dread and I have a lot of trouble wrapping my head around what these “leet code” questions are asking. Anyone else feel the same or have any tips for overcoming this?

I went from computational physics to being a (junior) software engineer, so I hope we have some overlap in experience

There’s a really unfortunate problem in physics and software engineering where people seem to subconsciously think that what they don’t know is magic, and what they do know is trivial

Imagine talking to a past version of yourself at the very start of your degree, about some of the things you’ve learnt to do. Past you would be incredulous.

It’s like that with any technical profession, and this is no exception. You’re looking at someone only a little ahead in experience and feeling daunted but you don’t see the journey, just (some of) the destination

And the Wizards are constantly learning too


Thank you for the supportive words, and yeah I know what you mean about what it would be like to talk to a version of myself prior to college. I think I’m just impatient lately and want to get to the point where I feel confident as a programmer and software developer.

I wouldn’t feel too bad. I don’t know what I’m doing either! Haha.

I think most people in the industry feel like everyone else knows more than they do.