Does anyone else get discouraged that they are constantly having to go back and look up the html and css codes?

I don’t know why but the fact that I always have to go back to older work or a html/css cheatsheet makes me feel like I’m not ready. I guess i think that if i understand it then i should be able to do all of it from memory. I can read the code and tell you what everything means and what it does but i still have to end up going back and looking up stuff when i am creating something.

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I actually had to look up how to create a submit button the other day, and sometimes forget how to wear pants. You’re fine.


There are just over 100 current HTML5 elements, which all take various attributes.

There are around 170ish CSS properties, which again have various acceptable values.

That’s just the vanilla ‘easy stuff’.

JavaScript has way more methods with all kinds of tricky implementation details. It is also kinda straddling two specs as people start using ES6 features.

Then there are all kinds of other things to learn, like

  • SQL or MongoDB methods
  • Package manager syntax (NPM, apt-get…)
  • Git commands
  • Various framework/library syntax

And probably more that I can’t remember!

It’s a pretty deep rabbit-hole. Keep looking things up…that won’t go away :slight_smile: