Does anyone else gets stuck in JavaScript with larger projects?


Have been learning JavaScript for 5 months and beginning was very hard that I struggled with “if, else” and had to rewatch some of the beginner tutorials again and it helped me, but it’s been 5 months and I do not know how to make a simple project without even posting a question and people here replying and helping and I know people have problems with coding and searching and asking for help is a part of it, but when I do I have most of my code wrong.

For these 5 months, I’ve been able to learn different things and mostly I am good is with simple projects like creating a slideshow, image galleries, albums, modal, to do list and some basic projects.

But when it comes to building larger projects like a shopping cart I absolutely get lost on it and I know with framework like React, Angular, Vue it would be less code, but I want to learn first with Vanilla JS so I won’t have problems with framework in future, but I mostly suck in larger projects like building animations, create an effect when I scroll elements and show effect animation like fade in or fade out, creating an animated skills bar and some larger projects, local session, etc.

Sometimes there are some projects that do not require too many complicated lines of codes with loops and while if etc and I know how to loop mostly when I create a slide with Next and Previous buttons, but there are different projects that require a lot of time just to do a basic line of code and it’s really hard man.

I try to be better with it, but sometimes I suck with it and I’m not jumping in framework soon even that it would save me some amount of coding lines, but I tend to improve first my Vanilla JavaScript and then move on, but sometimes JavaScript makes me absolutely unmotivated and confusing.

Hello! As someone who started more serious programming adventure about 2 years I can say that your confusion is completely normal. Start small, pick some simple projects to do in vanilla js. I would suggest to try the ones proposed by freeCodeCamp (like Weather App, Quote Machine or TwitchTv). You can find great ideas on Wes Bos tutorials - .

First try to follow these tutorials and implement the whole project to have some working code. Then try to implement simple projects by yourself. React indeed could be very problematic when you jump to it right from vanilla js, but soon you will not want to build apps without framework ;-).

Maybe this list will help you to choose some project to work on: .

Keep coding and be patient. I keep fingers crossed.

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is it relevant to learn vanilla JavaScript now when react.js is in power

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