Does anyone else struggle with depression?

For high-performance work, it’s essential to have a healthy life. If your life is not qualitative, you can’t focus.

This is something that I have struggled with all my life, I have never had what you could call a healthy thought pattern, how every yea i have got this, there are 10 no you haven’ts.

I have great ideas they just never ever go anywhere, I learned to code before at high school and a university, I’ve even had coding jobs, but since I have been ill all that knowledge has gone.

I feel so trapped that I dont know what to do.

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Hi, I think, speaking of programming (I think as in any other business), it’s important, if not fundamental, to find your own space where you really feel comfortable and quiet. In my case, after some years of study, trial, error and success (why not?), I realized that my true vocation is software development, but I spent a lot of time developing websites … I never really found myself on this path … Then I realized that my journey was definitely software development … since then I am completely focused on that … and thank God I start to reap the rewards of my decision step by step…

I doubt you’ve lost your programming knowledge, it’s more likely you’re just unable to focus on it right now due to depression. Possibly you’re also rusty and out of practice? I’ve also struggled all my life with clinical depression, and I wish I had some pat piece of advice or aphorism to give you that could fix it, because then I’d do it myself. A couple of super-cheap generic antidepressant meds works pretty well for me, but I still have some really bad days every couple months or so, which is probably never going to change.

You may be trapped right now by hopelessness and/or anxiety, but you’re not helpless. Counseling and meds are usually available for low cost or even free, so look those up in your area. Seems an obvious thing to say, but holy crap does depression warp you into thinking that it’s not worth it, it won’t work, why bother, etc etc.

So I guess the one piece of advice I can give you is to take control of a little piece of your life at a time. Take that walk every day even if you don’t want to, clean up your living space if it’s cluttered, and oh yeah make that appointment to see a shrink. Don’t have to do it all at once, but just knowing that you can accomplish little things will get the ball rolling.

If you figure out something to help with motivation, let me know, I could use it.


This is really great advice!

Thanks dude on sirtraline at the moment and under councilling.

I treat depression as an unwanted person that is preventing me from moving on in my day. I tell my depression i am the boss even tho you are making me feel bad right now you have to go an get out of my space.

When I was growing up. I liked to caught lighting bugs in the dusk.
of the evening and put them
in a jar. Guess what I have a jar for myself called problems that I can’t handle right now (in my mind or head) and each of my family members. Some family jars are full of light and some are dark. I address their issue and put them on the shelve until i can address their issue. Put a lid on it until you can handle thing with that problem or person. Make a list of thing you want to establish each week. If you don’t , move it to the next week. You have three weeks in order to get it done . Sign one step at a time.


For me its the voice telling me im unworthy, stupid and useless.

Hey, you are the one in control in the way you are thinking. I suggest you speak it out loud and claim it. You are worth a lot. You have a purpose. You have the power to calm those voices. You are worthy for just admitting what is wrong. Talk to that voice speak back to him or him and let it know I am not define by a voice i can only hear let along i cannot see. You do not exist. I am assuming you have skilled hobbies maybe a singing voice or like to play (videos). Hang in there you are worth more than you think. Sign-everyone is needed and loved find your place and keep living your best life. Life is not perfect, but you perfect just the way you are in it.

Unfortunately I’ve given up, my apprenticeship was denied due tonme having a degree already.

Now I’m unemployed again, I dont know why I get my Hope’s up about anything.

What do you mean by my apprenticeship was denied?

The way apprentice schemes work here is that if they fee you wont gain anything from it they will deny you.

Because I worked as a web dev dev in 2012 for 2 monthsand my degree I had one module in fev they are saying I wint gain anything from the digital marketing apprentice scheme I applied for so denied my application.

I’ve tried going in at the next level of junior but they day my skills are out of date.

Self teaching isnt an environment I do well with I need mentorship.

I’ve called around every single company I can find, LinkedIn asking for volunteering opportunities to get that experience but they all day they dont offer shadowing.