Does anyone ever think about content logic when it comes to designing their site?

I am trying to create a Blog/Referencing site as a personal project.

For a site that has a few “nav bar items” and each navbar item has their own sub-items.

Do we have to use the navbar dropdown option?

How do you make sure that your viewer has a sense of “where they are” when they visit your site, when you have many content included.

Here are a few example I can think of when it comes to site navigation.

  1. Top Nav bar with sub catagories :

  1. Left Navbar with sub catagories :

Are we limited to these two??

Is there any site you guys know which handles navigation in a more innovative / interactive way?

I haven’t seen anything more useful than breadcrumbs in my experience


I see. Maybe I should add breadcrumbs at the top of the blog posts page.