Does anyone feel stressed out when they are learning to code?

Okay here’s a little background : I have been learning through this site for a while now, HTML CSS javascript (through YDKJS) and now starting to learn some SQL.

Recently I realised that whenever I am coding, I am starting to have the fear that one day I am gonna be interviewed by other professional programmers. I am not confident cos due to some health issue I had I dropped out of school and haven’t been working full time for a few years.

I start to worry/panic after coding for an hour or so. I think this starts to have negative impact on my proficiency when it comes to learning to code.

Does anyone have the same fear/worry? If so, how do you cope with this?
(sorry for being a bit negative here)


Just to add a bit more info and my own experience:

I love coding. And almost everything about coding. I love tech in general, PCs , MACs, I tried a bunch of software each month, I dream that one day I can write my own software, and publish it online.

Even there are days I felt stressed out when I am coding, or there are days that I am simply do not have the time/ energy to code, as soon as I got my break, I immediately went back to coding – and just pick up where I left off. (that’s the most difficult thing I face when it comes to self learning programming).

I am passionate about it, I want to be a professional programmer. I just hope that I can find a way to make my coding process more efficient and pleasant.


Even on the days I felt stressed out, the days I don’t want to code, I still, google something like: how does a software work in general ; what is the relationship between front end and back end etc just to keep myself immersed into the world of developing software.


I’m in a similar situation myself. Lost my old career due to a serious health issue, have been unemployed for a while, also stopped attending college due to my health, and I am 30 years old with no experience in the industry.

What I’ve learned is that there are plenty of people in the middle of a career change getting into web/software development. I’m proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git/Github, Sass, etc… and am currently getting proficient with React. While learning I’ve built a bunch of the FCC projects, participated in a couple cohorts, started publishing web development tutorials/blog posts, etc…

After getting to this point I created a LinkedIn profile and started being active on there. The result was I was contacted by a bunch of HR people and recruiters. I was very surprised at how much interest I was garnering on LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. Turns out I was underestimating myself a little.

My advice to you is to be active on job sites, especially LinkedIn. Start blogging about your projects either on your own site, Medium, Steemit, etc. Share your posts on LinkedIn and actively “connect” with developers on there and you’ll be surprised how much interest you get.

With zero experience in the industry, no degree, and a work gap I had a phone interview for a senior React position last week. I didn’t even apply for the job, the HR person found me. Turns out they couldn’t hire me for the position due to the lack of professional experience but the fact that an HR person saw my projects and was impressed enough to contact me for a senior position was a big boost for me. I made a connection and they told me if they have junior/mid level openings in the future they’ll consider me.

My point is I was underestimating myself and I think you are too. For me a big part of it was my health itself and the effects of having a chronic illness. I’m now seeing a new doctor and taking care of myself medically. Now that I’m feeling better and more confident in myself I am going to start actively applying for jobs and start interviewing.

I don’t want to ramble for too long. My point is you’re closer to being employed in this industry than you think. Take care of yourself health wise, get active on LinkedIn/Indeed, keep learning new things and blogging about them, make a nice portfolio, and somebody eventually is going to look past the lack of degree and the work gap. Clear your head and keep working at it and you’ll get there.


Also, get back to enjoying programming and having fun with it again.


Thanks for sharing your story with me.

yeah, I think that’s “imposter syndrome” I am having right now.

Also I do do some side project which I really enjoy.
I did it for fun, just to keep things excited for myself.

I think I will take your advise, thanks again!

Also when it comes to general health, exercising helps a ton!
I jog every day, if I have time I go for a swim.
You don’t need to do it for a long period of time, I jog average for 15 mins everyday.
A lot of people said: “that’s nothing!” That’s where I disagree. I did it for almost 2 years, 15 mins mini run everyday.
It changed my health condition drastically so, if you have the time, go exercise every day! The result you get will amaze you!

Good luck!


Technical interviews are nervewracking. I’m a good programmer and I know I’m pretty good at technical interviews and they still terrify me. That’s perfectly normal. You’re putting the cart waaay before the horse though. Work on learning. Work on making stuff. Work on knowing your shit and worry about how you’ll prove it to an interviewer later.


haha thanks! I will refocus and readjust myself.

I think this has something to do with the stuff I am learning, you know when you learn HTML CSS js, the stuff you make can be pretty. Or you think they are pretty. SQL is more mundane and boring… and in a way that it is easier to learn but on the other hand it is more arbitrary.

i get that feeling all the time. I had 4 in person interview over the last 6-8 weeks and before and during each one i was nervous as hell, especially when the whiteboard challenges would come up. Am I employed? Not yet. But the fact that im getting interviews means im closer then i was a few months back (even though i think i still suck lol). Keep grinding away man and it’ll happen


thanks!!! (20 character)

I plan on starting my job search at the end of this month, after I complete my portfolio site, do you mind sharing some of the whiteboard questions you were asked? Or just questions in general? Was there a specific question that was asked during more than one interview? Thanks in advance for any response.

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i think it really depends on who you are getting interviewed by. My first interview i didn’t have to do any whiteboard challenge, and then the next 2 i had to do both. I don’t really remember the second one, but the first was if you had an array with a pair of number how would you get the pair numbers in a separate array. So eg [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5] how would you get the 5s from this array. I was able to complete this but I was not the successful candidate. Oh well. I was also asked what challenges I faced, where I plan to be in a few years, what im working on now. etc

I got a very good advice in form of a quote from Carrie Fisher when I told people that I’m afraid that I will fail:

"Stay afraid, but do it anyway. "


Really great inspirational post for those stragglers.

i am the same, we have no option rather than trusting the process! just keep doing it


yes, these are the time I realise that you really gotta love coding. you know when people said: "happy coding! " that’s not just some cliche slogan. you gotta love what you do.

so aside from all the difficult stuff, I do project I love, project that I can present to other people.

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my problem is that , i know the language but i can’t solve any problems and always stuck don’t know what to do which is frustrating!

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I often find myself need to apply the knowledge I have learnt multiple times just to make it work.

so, don’t give up easily.

same situation :wink:

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Yes I feel very stressed know at my coding lessons. I think that I’m useless because I can’t understand something. I really work hard, but all my friends understand this code language better than me. I started getting anxious.