Does anyone know a good newbie programming community?

I’m looking for a good group of beginner programmers to keep motivated, discuss, and help each other out. Does anyone know of any groups or are interested in forming one?

I was thinking mainly on Facebook , but are welcome to any suggestions of good websites and such. Good instagram and snapchat profiles to follow are welcome too.

If you guys wanted to make our own beginning programmers group starting in 2023 using freeCodeCamp as our main learning source, I’d be down for that too. :slight_smile:


I would start by looking for meetups in your area. Check FB groups and meetup dot com. I got a lot by being able to sit down with other coders over a cup of coffee or work through and algorithm together.


I love the idea! I do however live in a small town which is why I was wondering if there was something online maybe I could be a part of?

This is the help forum for a large, global community of online learners.

Could I then maybe create challenge posts on the FCC forums where we can keep each other motivated?

The freeCodeCamp curriculum is full of challenge tasks:

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I’m doing the courses in order; I was just trying to find like minded beginners to give each other accountability… In reference to that, I was thinking about creating a post where we can keep each other accountable to make sure we are working on what we said we would be for the amount of time , days, etc. Maybe I’ll look into creating a facebook group if there isn’t one already.

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I know there are some groups on facebook. There was someone not long ago who was asking a similar question, and I remember seeing there was a group just for women coders on there. I can remember the exact name, but I am sure you can find more groups like that. You could also check discord as I remember seeing a few groups on there as well.

You can also do some searching on the forum here. I believe i saw a post in the last day or two where a few people were trying to create a little group to do just this.

Hey let’s connect, I’ve been struggling to make progress on my learning goals due to a heavy workload at my job making my transition into programming related job even more impossible. I think an accountability partner or pair programming partner could really help me stay on track this year. Do you want to connect and see if we can work together to hold each other accountable?

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I have found Frontend Mentor | Challenges super useful.

Join their slack channel and check out #collaboration group.

Sure. There are online meetups - especially post-covid. Or you can form your own.

Just keep in mind that FCC forum is more built around helping people with problems rather than a place to meet people and hangout.

I would search the places I mentioned and others. Search under programming, web development, javascript, fcc, etc.

If you can’t find a group, create one. Create a “Web Development Learners” FB group. Set up online meetups.

And even if you are in a small town, there might be someone, even just one that wants to learn. Or even in a neighboring town. You meet up in person once a month but every week online, or whatever.

Also, just to be clear, I think it is wrong to look outside yourself for “accountability”. I hear that a lot and I always scratch my head. You should learn to be accountable to yourself. In the workplace you need to find intrinsic accountability, not extrinsic. That is what the most successful people do. To be a successful programmer, it is very good to self-motivate, self-start, keep yourself moving and organizing, etc.

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Hi @yeju .

This can be useful, freeCodeCamp has a lot of “fill in the blanks”. Having someone to talk to about what has been tried can be helpful.

We can use github to share out notes, discord for meetings, etc.

anyone interested ?

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Try looking up some discord communities. Big and small they all provide a nice little community for literally any topic, coding included!

Colt Steele and Scrimba both run very large and active Discord servers…

hola soy jaluel de Argentina. si parece pasamos números y hacemos un grupo en el cual podemos ir sumando gente.
avisame que te parece la idea

I would suggest to just keep asking questions and posting in this section. Sololearn has a pretty motivating instagram. I don’t know of any groups unfortunately. Are you Chinese and are in China by any chance? It is pretty easy to form groups on Wechat in China. I say so because I am in China at the moment.

you can also get on and find programming groups

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I’d be interested in joining a group you create as I’m also new to this . Let me know what you decide to create but I like your idea of that.

I’d be happy to join in a group as I’m also new to this.