Does anyone know of one command to create a tag and commit?

So the -m message would ideally be used for a the tag and commit too would be really nice.


This creates an annotated git tag.

git tag -a "YourTagName" -m "YourMessage"

While Git supports annotated and lightweight tags, you can only create and see annotated tags in Bitbucket. Git stores annotated tags as full objects in the repository, which means they include the name, email, date, and have a message. Lightweight tags don’t include all this additional information. (Ref. 1)

  1. Tags for Git repositories
  2. Git Basics - Tagging
  3. Git Tagging versions

thanks @jamesperrin I am familiar with this, but what I’m trying find is a command that combines it with a commit…

You normally combine multiple commands using &&.
But, it doesn’t work with Commit and Tag.

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@jamesperrin I appreciate your input, ty, in case you wanted to know I finally found something that will work for me (for now) I think -