Does anyone know what stack was used in the Non-profit project demo: "Child First Authority - Baltimore, Maryland "?

Hello Folks!

I’m totally new here (this is first post, in fact :smile:). As part of the FreeCodeCamp test, I was going through this Youtube video for a non-profit.

Can someone tell me what theme/library is being used to develop that dashboard? Frankly, I’ve never seen such elements in plain Bootstrap. Or is it a totally customized version of Bootstrap?


Watching the video, you will see at time stamp 8m 47s, the developer goes over the tech stack.

Just in general, if you are a chrome user try the Wappalyzer extension to see what technologies are being used…

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Thanks, I just saw the stack. But I still don’t understand how that advanced gear panel on the left side made solely using Bootstrap framework? Or does that make use of angular-ui-grid?

Below, is the link to the GitHub repo. You can review the code to discover how it was created.

child-first-authority-fcc-project (

@jamesperrin, thanks.