Does anyone know why my JQuery isnt working?

i tried adding it in my html with the script tags but couldnt get it to fire

@ThandoBhebhe try put body tag on html code!

no luck… html pages normally have body attributes automatically.

I’ll check your code.


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i try change elements class and id. not success.

Hi, I see you have enabled bootstrap and jQuery etc in the settings, but I think you also have to enable the Animate.css under CSS settings =) Hope this helps! I’m new to this aswell, and I wanted the answer so I tried a few things. Doing as I described did the trick for me.

Settings --> CSS --> Quick add: Animate.css.


even when i used the other tags, will not match.

My doubt was the same as yours, @flymats this is amazing. My head already was breaking hehe the screen now already falls to the side with success.

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Haha, it worked. Funny thing is ive been eying it all along and I was no… that cant be it lol. Thanks a lot


Hello, In order to get my jquerry to work i had to add it (and the HEAD section) to the top of my page

You want to fadeIn body while web page load but currently body is already faded in.

So first you should add opacity:0; in your body tag of css code and then add $('body').animate({ opacity : 1 },1000); in your jquery code.````