Does anyone know why this code isn't working?

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Can’t figure why this isn’t running?

EDIT: I have realised by looking at another solution, that on my final ‘else’ condition, removing the (strokes >= par +3) argument and just having 'else {return names[6];} seems to work. Why is this?

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var names = ["Hole-in-one!", "Eagle", "Birdie", "Par", "Bogey", "Double Bogey", "Go Home!"];
function golfScore(par, strokes) {
// Only change code below this line

if (strokes == 1) {return names [0];}
else if (strokes <= par -2) {return names[1];}
else if (strokes == par -1) {return names[2];}
else if (strokes == par) {return names[3];}
else if (strokes == par +1) {return names[4];}
else if (strokes == par +2) {return names[5];}
else (strokes >= par +3) {return names[6];}

// Only change code above this line

golfScore(5, 4);

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If you look closely, you’re missing an if.

Once you’ve fixed that, it should run fine.

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You’re attaching a condition to the last else statement…that’s the issue

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Thanks for the reply.

you mean on the final line? I thought if/else statements were supposed to end on an ‘else’ - am i wrong?

But why is it an issue? I see that without the condition the code passes. I can’t see why though, practically say is par, strokes were (5,10) then both statements with or without the condition should return the statement “Go Home!”? No?

Thanks for your reply.

An unconditional else can only be used at the end if there’s no condition; if there’s a condition, you’ll still need an else if regardless if it’s at the end or not.

And yup, it’s not necessary to have an else at the end of an if.

With regards to the condition on why it is not necessary to have an if at the end, it’s because your if/else have conditions for all possible values except those that are above par + 3 . Thus, at the end of the if/else block, even without the else if, you can be certain that the only possible stroke value would be above par+3 and it will return “Go Home!”.

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The final “else” statement is made without a condition. It simply means…run “this code” after you have exhausted all my other conditions I stated above. You don’t use it with a condition.