Does anyone on FCC have an active Code School subscription?

So this might sound like an odd post to make, but I was wondering if any FCC members happened to have a current, active subscription to

The reason I’m asking is because I’m currently on Code School’s “free” level and was hoping to pay for a final month before the site is taken down by Pluralsight on June 1. However, my attempts to work something out with Pluralsight’s support have been futile—they’re not taking payment for new subscriptions, and they flat out ignored my request to run a Free Weekend until the site is closed down.

I’d been hoping to take some Code School courses but without the ability to pay for a subscription, I’m at a loss since I can’t take any of the non-free courses now. So I was wondering if anyone had an active subscription and might be willing to help me out. If there is anyone who could help me, send me a direct message instead of posting on the forums. :wink: