Does anyone understand C#

Having trouble with C#
Create a Console application that does the following:
Create appropriate variables to store a person’s weight in pounds, height in feet, and shoe size in inches. The variables must allow for fractional values (ie: floating-point input). Retrieve and print the values to the Console. Again, your code must retrieve values from the variables and print them as shown below.

Sounds like you just have to store some values in some variables and print them. Though I’m not sure if those values have to come from user input, or just hardcoded.

I no longer know how to C# though, but I know of a C# book that might help you.

Thanks so much and yes I have to create a variable using fractional values and the variable has to include
floating-point. When console is printed it suppose to print weight is 250 pounds,Height is 6 feet, shoe size is 10.5 inches so on and so forth.

I think this will work:

float weight = 250.0f;
Console.WriteLine("Weight is " + weight + " pounds.");
// or Console.WriteLine("Weight is {0} pounds.", weight);

// ... and so on

Thank you so much Kevcomedia!!! This helps and I’m looking at the book you suggest!!!