Does anyone want to partner on the front end development certification path?

I’m just starting the front end dev certification path. Is anyone just starting this path and interested in partnering from the beginning? I was thinking it would be good to have someone to chat with through each section, bounce questions off of, thoughts, additional external sources, etc. Also to partner come project time. Thanks!!

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Hi @mikeATL I’m Linh and I would love to have a partner for the front end cert too. I’m at the basic front end development projects now. I still haven’t built the portfolio webpage yet. I’m also at the applied accessibility in the beta FCC now. :slight_smile:

Awesome! I didn’t realize there was a Beta version.

Are you doing both the beta and the regular site?

Yes because the beta site has more lessons than the regular one. I skipped the lessons in the beta that are the same with the regular one.

Nice! I’m going to do the same. I should be at the non-beta projects by Wednesday/Thursday. I’ll have to check out the beta site today and see how long that will take.

I can direct message you this week so we can connect if that sounds good?

Sure! Thanks for the partner thing. I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Hey @mikeATL,

Congratulations on just starting, I also just got started with it and I’d be more than happy to pair with you if you’re still looking for someone.

Let me know if you’re interested! :slight_smile:

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Hey @joehcooper , me and @linh2 are partnering but you are welcome to join us! We are looking at both the regular FCC and the beta version ( We are going to start looking at the first projects Thursday or Friday of this week.

We are also both using external resources (Udemy, Udacity, etc.) to supplement the FCC content. I will hit you up on chat and we can sync up.