Does CodePen add code arbitrarily to projects on their site?

Finding that as I am trying to complete my first TRIBUTE PROJECT that CodePen
seems to be adding code in CSS that I didn’t put there. Thus I don’t see how it applies
to what I am trying to create.

I learned the first 6 areas of FCC very quickly, so now I am slowing down to take it all in and process a project properly. It may take me more time now.

Is there any way to keep Codepen from doing this par chance?
Thank you

Could you post a link to your pen and describe in more detail what css you think they are putting in?

I’m not aware of codepen doing this. It only adds code in a project or pen if you choose a template.

Ok, I just changed to “template” from standard. That may be what is happening.
But I also find that changes to what I am doing are not happening when I SAVE & RUN.
Nothing happens. Seems they just want a monthly FEE to make things work properly.

Please share a link.

Codepen doesn’t require a fee to work. Changing to a template isn’t going to help…Then your making your pen a template to use again…

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CodePen does have some limitations, in that the HTML is automatically included in a <body> tag for you, so you can’t have <html> or <head> tags. It adds CSS to render the CodePen site itself, but it goes out of its way to not conflict with your own CSS.

Personally I find to be a much more sane development environment. Gives you all the power of CodePen’s pro tier and then some, for free.

Thank you all, and thank you Chuck. I think I might try codesandbox.
I feel like CodePen is blocking image / photo links. I can’t upload without
paying a fee, and only use certain colors etc.

Codepen is not blocking anything – the image hosting sites (notably imgur) are blocking requests that are referred from CodePen. There is absolutely no restriction on the colors or other styles you can use, but your CSS selectors may perhaps be conflicting with CodePen. If you share a link to the problematic codepen, we may be able to find the problem. I’d still recommend codesandbox overall though :slight_smile:

Since I can’t upload any images without paying a FEE to Codepen, I tried adding an image link from a free google image source =

The link shows up without an issue if I use an A HREF code with description.
But if I try to use an IMG SRC code, I just get the little block on the left of the page that looks
like a mini thumb drive. NO IMAGE.

Yes, because as others have said (and there are many threads on this forum about it) most free image sites doen’t want you to link out. If everyone did that all the time, they would bring the site down.

I would suggest using images from free sources that allow you to link from the site, like Unsplash or placeholders from sites like I don’t know of any that allow you upload your images. Some folks have had some success on Github. Create a repository for the images and link from there. I believe that what code sand box uses as well.

The reality is, that image hosting costs money, even if it doesn’t cost you directly. These things are in place to keep the cost down.

Stuff for the head tag can be added via the “settings” menu.

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Ok. Thank you for explaining.
Appreciate it.