Does FCC teach to be a programmer or a software developer?

Does FCC teach to be a programmer or a software developer?

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The answer to this is very much dependent on your definition of a programmer and software developer. My view on this would be that a programmer has an involvement with a specific part of a project (writing code to a spec for specific functionality), whilst developers have more of an overview role throughout the project.

In my opinion FCC has the potential to teach you both, as you will be able to improve problem solving skills to find the easiest way to manage large problems (software developers), as well as improving your overall coding ability.

As i mentioned, this is a fairly subjective question and the definition will differ for each person/company. It might be worth researching online to see the distinction between the two professions.

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What do you think the difference is, because those two things may be the same thing or they may not be, (depends of how you interpret what the words mean)?

FCC teaches you about WebTechnologies. Not more not less. Imho programmer and software developer are two terms for the same thing: a person who gets paid to write software.
BUT, as a professional software developer you will also have to learn about the following qualities:

  • Know how to work in a team with other professionals. To write good software you need to have a great team.
  • Behave like a professional
  • Get comfortable with big (probably legacy) codebases.
  • Beeing able to understand and gather client requirements. And call them out if their requirements are stupid.
  • You need to not only write code, you need to test your code. FCC doesnt let you expierience the pain of your first major bug that went into production.
  • Understand (some) devops.

So FCC can only teach you the more technical stuff, but there is much more to software engineering that you will have to learn.

Yes. It does.