Does Free Code Camp has a beta access for non-team members

as freecodecamp is developing a new curriculum rapidly I wanted to know does FCC has a beta program where we can access and test the upcoming circullum. after solving a part new RWD curriculum I am quite curious to check another part that is developed I tried running the curriculum locally but dint found any way to access that new curriculum. so can anyone help me with that? and tell me if is there any possible way to access it.

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All of freeCodeCamp’s code and curricula are open-source. Following the docs to get freeCodeCamp running on your local machine, you can change the SHOW_UPCOMING_CHANGES and SHOW_NEW_CURRICULUM .env variables to true, which should show you all newly merged content.

Hope this clarifies

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Usually, changes are only released for Beta testing shortly before the full rollout.

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