Does freecodecamp have C animation tutorials?

My interest in C has been re-invigorated by seeing a couple animations.

This simple one: C-Programming Animation - YouTube

and this:

Freecodecamp, with the videos I’ve seen so far, have an admirable layout and teaching style, but it all seems to be for making programs that either have one immediately-executed function (“Hello World”, adding numbers) or who rely exclusively on user input (please enter GPA) and yield an immediate result.

I’ve only seen the beginner series so far. Is there any chance that later Freecodecamp/Giraffe Academy C tutorials include animation or other dynamic graphics?

Hi @I_askyouradvice !

It doesn’t look like Mike Dane has contributed any new courses to the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel in a while.

But if you want to keep tabs on the latest YouTube courses coming out, then I would suggest following Beau Carnes’ author profile.

He writes a quick intro article for each new course released on the YouTube channel.

If there is a new C tutorial coming out, then it would be announced there.

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that is some nice work

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