Does freecodecamp work for experienced developers?

Does completing freecodecamp help experienced developers get jobs?

I am an experienced developer with more than 20 years of coding experience. I have Masters degree in Computer Science from a top 10 university. I have held management positions and I have a couple of patents. I have never held a job in web development. However, I have developed lots of websites on my own as a hobby.

I got ill and was unable to work for over a year. Before becoming ill I was getting constant calls from recruiters without doing any active job search. Now that I am well, I can not even get interviews. Silicon Valley companies will not consider anyone who has been unemployed for an extended period of time.

I had a job offer for a teaching position at a Chinese university, but the offer fell through. I have a tentative offer locally as a part-time math teacher in August, but other than that, my job search has come up empty.

I came to FCC as a professional (although junior) developer and I consider it extremely valuable. I’ve also convinced a couple of my sr. dev coworkers to try it out and have only heard positive feedback from them.