Does google search have parameter to have latest data at top of results listing

When I search for some dev docs on youtube I use video_date_uploaded key, like tests&search_sort=video_date_uploaded
and I have latest data at top of results listing.

In google very often I make search with results site pointed
vue-select closeOnSelect site :

my question does google have parameter like in youtube, to have latest data at top of results listing ?

Which google parameters do you use for better search?

Are there some better ( in comparison with google )search services ?

Yes, click tools at the eight of the menus under the search window, and then th here is a drop down menu for date ranges.

I am not sure which area do you mean ?
When inmy chrome under Kubuntu 18 I insert into google search line my page looks like :


if you do a search, somewhere you have options to filter and order results

I have no idea where nowadays, but I don’t think they removed the option…

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