Does it get easier?

Does it get easier to code or learn more languages after you learn your first language? So far i am have a really hard time learn my first one, and i’m just curious if it gets a little easier.

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Hi @JakeLikesToCode !

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If this is your first programming language then it is completely normal to struggle.

Not only are you getting used to new syntax but you are learning about the basics of programming.

With time and practice it does get easier.

Once you understand the basics of programming then it becomes easier to learn another language.

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Hello and welcome to the freeCodeCamp community.

It can get easier, yes. Generally, when you are learning your first programming language (let’s say JavaScript), you’re also learning the core fundamental concepts behind programming as a whole. These are language agnostic.

Once you’ve solidified your understanding of these, picking up a new programming language is usually a smoother learning process - because you’re focusing more on the syntax and nuances of that language. That being said, some languages are inherently harder to learn (take C, which expects you to do things like memory management, where JavaScript handles that for you).


There are different “families” of computer languages, that will have some pretty profound differences, and every new language that you learn will have its own quirks. How similar a new language is to one you already know will make a profound difference.
There are certain core concepts that you will already understand. This includes technical core concepts like variables, functions, loops, and logical comparisons. It also includes more abstract concepts of how to approach solving a problem with code.

Added to that, the more languages you’ve learned, the better you get at learning new languages. You build instincts as well as research skills. You recognize patterns. If you do this for long enough, you’ll probably even have done some research on how computer languages actually work and how computers understand them.

Experience is experience.


It gets easier, but as you learn things, there’s always more to learn, and another learning curve to climb. This is a good thing: a flat learning curve means you’re not learning anything. Nothing without struggle and all that bishbosh. :slight_smile: