Does it makes sense to add testing after an existing project?

I’ve come to realize that I haven’t really made any tests in my projects and I can’t help but feel but guilty about it.

Granted it’s not made for production, but I do feel it’s something I should’ve done from the start.

That being, does it make sense to add unit testing after a working project? Or should I focus on writing my tests on a new project from scratch?

Ideally, you want to create unit tests as you go. There is nothing wrong with adding unit tests after the fact. You can pretend you can onto a new project finding no units tests. For me, that a couple of times where they only a few unit tests, but no enough to cover the entire application.

Thanks for the response.

After reading this post from Quora,, I felt uneasy how one person claims that testing is a must in projects.

Sorry, testing is must in projects. If you have small example projects for learning technologies, not so much. However, for real whole production projects you need to have tests.

Yeah I understand in a real prodution project, test units are a must. What about personal projects, especially to those who aren’t experienced in the field yet? Would that automatically put them as “bad developers” ?

I don’t think you would be considered a “bad developer”, but when possible need to get use to writing unit tests. On one my projects, I was 3/4 through the project before writing any unit tests. It was many my lack of skill in writing unit tests. Now, when I create a process, I try to write unit tests. Example, when you get to the back-end projects, writing tests to confirm each User story is fulfilled will be beneficial.