Does it matter if I use inline block or flex direction on survey form?

My survey form is here:

To line-up the questions on the left hand side and the answers on the right hand side, I have used

display: flex;

flex-direction: row;

but the template has used

display: inline-block;

*text-align: right;

Does this matter? Why should I use inline-block over flex-direction?

Note flex, not flex-direction: flex is what triggers the layout, flex-direction is just used to specify which direction you want it to go in, and as row (horizontal) is the default, you don’t need to specify it here.

But answer is whatever you want. Inline-block used in the way it is in the example is a hack to lay out things like navigation items long before flex existed. It has no advantage over flex, and has some issues because it’s not really designed for layout, but it works well enough :man_shrugging:. I would have said even up until a few years ago that the advantage was backwards compatibility, but that issue has almost vanished nowadays.